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     Bethany Harper Williams

Bethany - Head shot.jpeg

Lose yourself in the moment. By simplifying the landscape into abstract shapes, textures, and colors, Bethany’s aim is to capture a memory and recreate it without the details of representation.
Her paintings portray a quality that captures the moment in its purest form and renders it timeless. Playful, sometimes whimsical, always memorable.

Bethany’s work can be found in private collections in Canada, Europe, and the US. Bethany is represented by Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk, ME.

Bethany's work can be viewed at Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk. Maine.

Contact Information for Bethany Harper Williams:


Phone:   207-468-5567

Best way to be contacted:   Either text or Email

Personal Website:  

Instagram: bethanyhwfineart

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